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You've said YES to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with!  The easy part is over.  Buckle up, buttercup, now comes the the fun part.

This season of life that you're entering will be the shortest season you get to walk with your best friend.  Soon you'll be married, and can no longer call them your fiance.  (Enjoy saying that now, and say it as much as you can!!)

Wedding planning can be a lot.  Some days it's going to be a bit extra.  Kind of like your old roommate was at the college parties a time or two.

I'm here to help you avoid the disastrous hangovers the next morning!

I have been writing wedding articles since 2014!  These articles guide a newly engaged couple through their wedding planning.  From the moment the diamond is placed on your finger, until well after the wedding.

I believe that with a game plan, some determination, and a little organization, wedding planning can be full of JOY!

Yes, JOY.  You can also experience EXCITEMENT!  You can also be RELAXED!  You can also be PREPARED!

Below you're going to find my most popular and helpful articles from over the years.  I'm excited for you to dive into them.  So grab your glass of wine (or bottle), your comfy blanket, and your pup.  It's time to read up!

- Loren

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I cherish the opportunity to tell heartwarming love stories. I’m here to be your go-to guide on the best and biggest day of your life. Trust me if you love sweet tea and puppies, we’re gonna get along just fine. 

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